South Pines SPACE

Teamwork and Education

By Debbie Reeder

When you think of teamwork and education, it is impossible not to think of programs like Central Valley’s SPACE program. SPACE stands for Student, Parent Alternative Classroom Experience which focuses on the partnerships that are built between the school and families registered in the program. Parents agree to participate in school activities and fund-raise money to provide educational enhancements throughout the year.

Something that is truly unique about this program is the friendships that form between the students in the classrooms and parents supporting the school through the activities. This program gives teachers the ability work closely with students, as parents volunteer in the classroom on a regular basis.  

As a team of parents, teachers, students and administers there is an unbelievable amount of support for each other and the school. Students might not always realize the benefits they are receiving in the program but the parents will feel the extra commitment of like-minded parents as they move from grade to grade together.


For all upcoming events, visit our calendar page!

1: College Day
4: Monthly Meeting @ 6:15pm  (Cafeteria)
6: Golden Eagle Awards

6: Movie Night @ 6:30pm

11: Valentines Party
15: President’s Day – No School
16: PTSA Meeting @ 3:30pm

19: Space Social
25: Board Meeting
25: Science Fair & Winter Social (TBD)
26: Grandparents Day (TBD)

    Do You Need Hours?

    We Need You!! 

    Current Positions:


    Treasurer: Disperse funds for field trips, teacher and parent reimbursements,  paying the bills. Deposit donations and contributions, track family contributions and communicate with membership regarding financial commitment and state of the organization.NEEDED ASAP!

    Photography Lead: Facilitates committee, or creates on their own, helps create the SPACE annual photo directory.

    Publicity Coordinator: Arranges for school wide guest speakers as well as assisting individual classes find class speakers. 
    Scrip Lead: Coordinates the sale of gift cards through to help families make their contribution commitment. Works with treasurer to communicate purchase and sale of Scrip cards, as well as tracks and reports contribution amounts.
    Website Lead: Keeps website up to date, working with school website coordinator representative to update items as needed, or provide new or updated information for South Pines website.
    Fundraising Lead: Need a SPACE lead to work on all major fundraising efforts and keep SPACE board informed regarding all major decisions.




    Child-First Curriculum

    SPACE is an excellent program for those families who want to take an active role in their child's educational experience.

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