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Calling all artists! We need you!

Our current SPACE logo is ready for retirement. We're looking for new FUN ideas that get people's attention, but also help to convey what SPACE is. We plan to use the new logo on the website, Facebook page, T-shirt, bumper stickers; YOU NAME IT. Prepare to be famous! 
Here are the requirements: 

  • Any SPACE family member can design the logo. Kid, parents, siblings, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, All welcome to submit!
  • We welcome multiple submissions! Give us options!
  • The new design must include "SPACE" somewhere in the design. 
  • The logo should convey WHAT SPACE is to you.
  • We want an attention-getting logo! We WANT people to approach us and ask what SPACE is when they see us wearing our shirts or with our bumper stickers!

The SPACE board and teachers will narrow the field to the top 5 submissions. The final winner will be selected by popular student vote and presented to general membership at the October membership meeting on 10/13 @ 6 pm. 
The winning submission will get a free t-shirt featuring their logo and either a pizza or doughnut party for their class plus bragging rights and an entry for their professional design portfolio. 

Submissions accepted until September 23rd and can be submitted to the SPACE box in the office or emailed to


5   Labor Day
6   Meet your teacher/supply drop off
7   First day for grades 1-5

8   SPACE general membership meeting
12 First day for Kindergarten
15 PTSA general membership meeting

23 Valleyfest parade

13 SPACE general membership meeting 6pm
20 PTSA general membership meeting/movie night
28 Halloween Spooktacular

    Do You Need Hours?

    We Need You!! 

    We are seeking committee leads for the 2016-17 Year!

    Field Trip/Curriculum Lead

    Bulletin Board Lead

    Social Lead

    Enrollment Lead

    Fundraising Lead: Need a SPACE lead to work on all major fundraising efforts and keep SPACE board informed regarding all major decisions.

    Photography Lead: Facilitates committee, or creates on their own, helps create the SPACE annual photo directory.

    Publicity Coordinator: Arranges for school wide guest speakers as well as assisting individual classes find class speakers. 




    Child-First Curriculum

    SPACE is an excellent program for those families who want to take an active role in their child's educational experience.

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