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14: Monthly Meeting @ 6:15pm  (Cafeteria)
15: Spring Social
19: PTSA Meeting @ 3:30pm
22: Movie Night @ 6:30pm
28: Board Meeting

2: College Day
5: Monthly Meeting @ 6:15pm  (Cafeteria)
6: Golden Eagle Awards 
8: Carnival & Raffle Baskets
17: PTSA Meeting @ 5:30pm
26: Board Meeting
30: Memorial Day – No School

    Do You Need Hours?

    We Need You!! 

    We are seeking nominations for the 2016-2017 Board:

    Chair: A one-year commitment, in charge of overall facilitation of SPACE program and training Co-Chair person.

    Co-Chair: A two-year commitment, the first year being mentored by the current chair, the second stepping into the Chair position.

    Treasurer: Disperse funds for field trips, teacher and parent reimbursements,  paying the bills. Deposit donations and contributions, track family contributions and communicate with membership regarding financial commitment and state of the organization.

    Secretary: Take notes at Executive, Advisory and General Meetings; Type notes and distributions in Friday Folders; responsible for general emails to SPACE families; and performs miscellaneous secretarial tasks.

    Vice President of Parent Coordination: Oversee SPACE social events and enrollment into SPACE.

    Vice President of Program Development: Oversee field trips, year-end events, and curriculum support.

    In addition, we will need the following committee leads:

    Class Leads

    Field Trip/Curriculum Lead

    Bulletin Board Lead

    Social Lead

    Enrollment Lead

    Fundraising Lead: Need a SPACE lead to work on all major fundraising efforts and keep SPACE board informed regarding all major decisions.

    Photography Lead: Facilitates committee, or creates on their own, helps create the SPACE annual photo directory.

    Publicity Coordinator: Arranges for school wide guest speakers as well as assisting individual classes find class speakers. 
    Scrip Lead: Coordinates the sale of gift cards through to help families make their contribution commitment. Works with treasurer to communicate purchase and sale of Scrip cards, as well as tracks and reports contribution amounts.




    Child-First Curriculum

    SPACE is an excellent program for those families who want to take an active role in their child's educational experience.

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