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South Pines SPACE


Each month we meet. Meetings count toward your family hours.

2014 Valleyfest Parade

Board Positions & Committees

Every year we vote in a new board. This is an excellent way to be involved with the SPACE program and the planning for the year.

There are committees for the various events, fundraisers, and socials which require volunteers to organize, set up and run.   


We have many ways to be a part of your child's education. Whether it be at the school or from home, there is a job for everyone.

SPACE is a community educational effort between parents, teachers, and students. Our goal is to establish a learning environment in which parents, teachers, administrators, and community members work together to enhance the educational experience of our children. This program is unique because of additional classroom fundraising and increased family participation.  

SPACE uses a variety of methods to maximize learning in the following ways:
  • Individualized assistance
  • Enhanced learning centers
  • Hands-On projects
  • Additional field trips
  • Guest speakers
  • Curriculum enhancement supplies and activities

SPACE cultivates a small school sense of community within the greater South Pines Golden Eagles community. Currently, there is one SPACE classroom in each grade. The children move on to each new grade together as a group, further fostering a sense of family within the classroom. 

Our program is enriched by the participation of parents and their willingness to commit time and energy to the program. Families who choose SPACE desire increased involvement in their child’s education. Parents assist staff by utilizing their own talents and experiences. We are all educators; there are many different ways to participate. The funds raised go directly back into the program and can be seen every day in the classrooms. These classrooms are enriched through additional technology, experiences, guest speakers, and parent involvement. The success and continued growth of the SPACE program rely on your participation and support. 

Parent Involvement