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South Pines SPACE

Melissa Braid

I've loved having my kids in SPACE. It's really nice to know they are in class with other kids whose parents are involved. I also think that having the same group of kids in class each year (with small fluctuations) allows for deeper relationships to grow and a true sense of belonging and community to develop. This helps my girls to feel accepted and creates a safe environment for them to stretch and grow in. My kids can't wait for school to start each fall, as they are so excited to go back and see their classmates. We love SPACE! 

Nicky Balliet

My daughter is beginning her 2nd year in the SPACE program. I am so impressed at the level of organization and community I feel from the program. My daughter's grades have improved due to the additional parent involvement and help. The field trips are also a great incentive as well; they are educational as well as thrilling for the kids. We love SPACE and feel like part of a family!!

Vicky Daniels


​4th grade SPACE Field Trip.

SPACE is a great program. SPACE gives my daughter a change to be in a classroom that has more parent involvement, field trips, and a great sense of community. While some students leave the program and new ones come in, there is a core group of students my daughter has been with for the last four years and this builds a stronger community. I enjoy the interaction with the SPACE teachers and other parents. Even though I am a working single mom I am able to do my time commitment outside the classroom hours with projects sent home from the teachers and from helping with fundraising. 

Diana Miller

I joined the SPACE program when I was a 6th grade student at South Pines in 1990, this was the first year it was launched. That year it was only offered as a combined 5th/6th grade class. Word caught on quick about this great new program and it was soon offered to all grades. What I remember most about the program was the fun field trips that we went on and the parent and community speakers that would come into the classroom and teach about the work they do. We even got to learn French and Spanish. When my both sons were starting school I made sure to have them enrolled at South Pines so that we could once again take part in the SPACE program. What I like best about the program as a parent is the ability to volunteer in the class rooms, attend field trips with the kids and take part in the curriculum planning for the year. The SPACE program is like its own little community. The other thing I appreciate about the program is that you really get to know the teachers and other students in the classroom and most of the time these are the same students that will follow your child through their Elementary school years so many strong bonds are developed. SPACE is a great program for any family who wants a more personal learning experience for their children. As a parent you have a voice in your child's education and you get to be a part of it first hand through volunteering in the classroom, reading with students, helping out with art projects, going on field trips, planning parties, and curriculum planning. There are so many ways to be a part of the program even if you are not able to volunteer throughout the day, SPACE offers evening socials and fundraising opportunities as well.